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About Us

Authentic Matching provides solutions for individuals and companies seeking to connect people for friendship, romance, business and adventure. They utilize their progressive system The Authentic Matching Process ™ for matching people.

iDate2014Authentic Matching is the only niche matchmaking company of its kind. Authentic Matching’s targeted matchmaking process is one element of how they connect people for what they truly desire. Other solutions including teams and individual coaches, profile writers, relationship counselors, privacy and safety solutions, image consultants and concierge services for amazing dates and meetings.

We feel passionately that people can get what they desire when being authentic about who they are and what they truly seek. Our philosophy rewards people for being truthful and this creates more successful matches, happy clients and prosperous results for all concerned.  Our solutions beyond the initial match are the real secret ingredient and what we now have available for all companies in the dating industry.

Authentic Matching was a finalist for the award for the dating industry’s Most Innovative Company in 2014 at the iDate awards.  We regularly attend this event which we feel is crucial for anyone wanting to be impactful in the industry.  We hope you love our niche matchmaking services, The Authentic Matchmaking Process ™ and the amazing, passionate coaches we can bring to you or your company.



Our Brands

Authentic Matching identifies and takes advantage of growth areas within the lifestyle and dating sector. Here are some of our current brands.
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