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FLETCH is a highly experienced coach in 4 distinct disciplines:

Personal Development –  Relationships – Business – Athletics

His passion is to help people achieve their dreams by learning his revolutionary Goal Assessment & Attainment System (GAAS). Fletch designed this when coaching national caliber athletes to ALL AMERICAN Status.  He quickly discovered that the benefits reaped for athletes could be realized by all. He has also successfully applied the (GAAS) system to helping entrepreneurs. He has countless examples of people succeeding in career goals or entrepreneurial pursuits when utilizing his Goal Assessment & Attainment System (GAAS).

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“Fletch is one of the best Coaches I have ever met.  His ability to coach all clients as an individual is why his system is perfect for you”

Coach Tom Kennedy High School National Record Setter DM Relay

Most people seek a Life or Business coach when things are not going their way. Goal Assessment & Attainment System (GAAS) is taught as a sustainable program to help improve the most important areas of your life on going. Relationships, Career, Spirituality and Personal Development. Many of our students have deficiencies and looking for a quick fix. We find that focusing on what you do right and often repurposing strengths into new areas yields results. Feeling and seeing results quicker with a skill you feel comfortable doing leads to long term success. Strengths are used as building blocks and bad habits are replaced by learning new ones that allow you to experience the rewards you desire which make reinforcement much easier.  Since people set their own goals and a coach simply designs a plan of action to achieve them the suggestions of new habits gets acceptance quickly. By suggesting new habits that align with the goal the individual experiences change quickly and is encouraged to repeat the new habit.  The (G.A.A.S)  program rewards the user in a way they feel instantly which helps break old habits faster and insures people stay on target and compliant with plan to attain the goal.  It works in all aspects of life from personal development to relationship to entrepreneurship and of course athletics. New Life

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