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  •   B.A. Communications: Radio,  TV, &     Film

  •   Master in Education: M.Ed


Masters in Sports Administration: Sports Psychologytemple kinesiology


PhD. Work in Kinesiology: “Drive, What is it, How do you get it and what can it do for you.”





Fletch has been an entrepreneur since he was 11 years old. He has started dozens of businesses raised capital for many more and helped countless grow revenue through his strategic sales and marketing initiatives . imagesFVOI4XNYBelow is an incomplete list of his business training and several of the projects he has been involved with.  He is a contributing member of Maverick Entrepreneurs and sits of the advisory board for several start ups.  He loves to coach entrepreneurs holistically helping them to exceed their dreams.

Hollywood Tans Inc: Fletch helped to grow a tanning franchise from 4 units ht tans smallto over 250. He used strategic marketing strategy and professional sales training to rapidly grow the franchise. Fletch created the slogan “Don’t need to go to Hollywood to get a Hollywood Tan”, bought all media developed the PR strategy utilizing Carmen Elecktra for “Best Tans” contest in NYC which was picked up by over 175 TV stations around the country.  Starting with a $60,000 investment he exited with over 3.2 million.  This was for his  group’s salons. Along the way he started a construction company and ad agency HMA: Hollywood Marketing and Advertising and Imperial construction as adjacent business units to control costs and maximize profits,

TOS LLC: In this entrepreneurial endeavor he developed sales and marketing strategies for luxury semi custom single family homes in the posh LA neighborhood of Pacific Palisades. Fletch Partnered with the world’s largest independent film studio to gain access to influential people. The company sold homes to Hollywood stars and executives such as: John Goodman, Anthony Hopkins and Chris Ursitti of Hollywood Locations.  The project used a $50,000 cash investment to leverage construction funding and yield almost 2 million dollars in profit in 16 months.

High Dreams Investment:  Was an entertainment fund created by himself and his partners.  It generated 22% and 18% annual return respectively in the 2 years prior to the recession and still had a positive gain when the economy faltered. The fund f7 habitsocused on post production services, content brokering and digital monetization strategies as opposed to producing content.  It started and acquired companies that had a symbiotic  relationship with each other.  Fletch focused on investor relations, branding, sales strategy and marketing.

Certified Professional Coach: imagesQN0U0FJRMarketing, Sales Strategy, Branding, online marketing and Sales Optimization, Media Planning/Buying, and Talent Focused Management.Erickson-Life-Coach-Training

Maverick Entrepreneurs:

Maverick Entrepreneurs is the complete solution for capital-raising entrepreneurs and investors seeking elite deal flow. They bridge entrepreneurs and investors with an educational and funding platform. Their 3-Step/3-Option is the solution entrepreneurs looking to raise capital and investors looking for elite, prepared deal flow. Fletch is a senior member and has spoken multiple times at Maverick Boot Camp.

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Brian Tracy’s Phoenix Seminar on the Psychology of Achievement.   “We believe that people are as successful as they currently know how to succeed. brian tracy phxHowever, regardless of background and current environment, we can learn from our experiences in life, choose the direction of our future, and take responsibility for our new action commitments. We can provide you with the insights, tools and motivation to achieve your success.”

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Center for Sales Strategy, Tampa FL

Core Values


  1. Customer Focused Selling: VIP Graduate
  2. Talent Focused Management: Graduate



Dale Carnegie – 2 time seminar graduate and Outstanding Achievement Award Winner

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Countless sales awards and business training seminars including a 3x President award winning for Beasley Broadcasting, sales person of the year EZ communications, TOS Real Estate Development, Greater Media Radio, and CDC Ventures.covey life quote




Fletch has initiated, saved, and defined hundreds of relationships for people around the world.  His company Authentic Matching wiDate2014as nominated for Best Matchmaker and Most Innovative Company for the year 2014 by iDateidate logo awards, the industry Oscar like event.idca logo 2

International Date Coaching Association: Certified Date Coach, Flirt Coach,   Relationship Coach.idca logo


Certified Matchmaker – inventor/co-founder of Authentic Matchmaking a process to match people for positive experiencesam_1_myriad-pro in business, romance, friendship or adventure.  The process has proven to be 100% effective toidca company logo prevent people from providing inaccurate info of any kind. The company was nominated for Most Innovative Company in 2014 its 2nd year in existence.


Best Matchmaker – inventor of Authentic Matchmaking a process to match people for the right reasons. 2014-iDate-Finalist  Nominated best Matchmaker iDate Awards, 1 of 5 global nominations 2014.   Missed winning by .3% points.certified matchmaker academy

Several courses in Life Coach Certification Track a never ending pursuit.


Fletch has been a successful athlete at the collegiate level and as a coach he over saw a national caliber program that still produces ALL usocAmerican athletes each year utilizing systems he helped to build.  He is an avid fan of the Olympics and has attended the games and the Olympics Training Center for coaching education and networking.

He was a 4 x Captain of the Track Team Indoor and Outdoor Track & FieldMU HOF

TNF NCAAStill Standing Top Ten 800 meter 1:54.1.  Freshman record holder

Fastest PSAC Freshmen of the year 800 meter run

1x ALL PA State Athletic Conference psac track

3x ALL East Coast Athletic Conference Millersville Universityecac logo

H.S State Championship qualifier in 6 events.

Division II scholarship winner

4x High Jump county coach of year Delaware County.

usatf 2 certified coachUnited States America Track & Field: USATF Level 2 certified Track Coach in Sprints, Hurdles, Jumps, Relays and Middle Distance.

sports pysch certlogo-trainingpeaks-certified-coach(1)Several Coaching Summits around the countrytri certified coach