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What does a matchmaking company have that anyone would want for business?


As successful business men you can often choose who you do business with. Authentic Matching is proud that our abilities to match people could be a powerful tool in the business world. Our ability to be a conduit for business relationships happened by accident, as we sought funding for our company and had a member turn into an investor. He understood our work ethic and fun attitude, and saw that these capabilities would turn him profits. Now is a wonderful time to explore your dating business opportunities.


Authentic Matching™ is about connecting people for authentic reasons and vouching to each parties they are a match. Whether you call it a match, a connection, a new vendor, strategic partner, or investor, its all the same to us and we are great at connecting people for authentic reasons.

It is not a surprise that men like to do business with new friends or a pretty girl. This is what we do – make connections happen. We are owned and operated by a group of intelligent and attractive women. Authentic Matching is excited to introduce  Pretty Girl Funding™ – “Contribute to  a Girl’s Dream, Watch it come to life!”. This is the only matchmaking company that connects sponsors, mentors and contributors with projects created by capable and pretty girls, utilizing crowd funding.

About Us

We match affluent executive gentleman with gorgeous women through various clubs, such as Caviar Dating Club, an elite and always discrete dining, dating and adventure club.
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