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The female founding members of Authentic Matching challenged a team of consultants to come up with a match making process that produced honest information and great results for all.

The result was revolutionary – a solution going back to ancient history, centered around a female match maker. Females have always been the cornerstone of creating relationships in communities and have thus always been given the responsibility for fulfilling the role of matchmaker. The most important attribute a successful match maker has is the ability to ask questions, and uncover who should be matched with whom and why. We combine this intuition with progressive technology, reference information, to make sure that our instinctive, authentic match making is combined with rigorous background knowledge. The process we have developed is called Authentic Matching ™ and matches people for romance, friendship, business and adventure.

Authentic Matching is a new way to effectively connect people for the type of relationships they truly desire. Since its inception, online dating profiles have been plagued with false information and what we call non-authentic people. Whether it be  height, weight, size of their bank account, education or their specific intentions, online dating increasingly wastes people’s time and fails to accurately connect.

The prevalence of false information was nowhere more apparent than in the casual dating sector for mutual rewarding dating. We saw tests that showed up to 85% of profiles to be what we deemed non-authentic. The solution was to go back 4,000 years to the early village of the old testaments and the respected and sought after female matchmakers who connected young people with almost mystic accuracy.

Our Brands

Authentic Matching identifies and takes advantage of growth areas within the lifestyle and dating sector. Here are some of our current brands.
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