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Indulgence Adventures – Escape, Explore and Excel at trying something new.

Our members work hard and leisure time is often a rare commodity. Indulgence Adventures was created to give the affluent and beautiful members of our luxury dating clubs a time and experience that is unforgettable. Indulgence Adventures is built upon the idea of speed dating and group dating, combined with luxury travel and of course adventures.

Indulgence Adventures is the escape we provide to you, where we strive for complete bliss with each adventurer. Once you arrive each guests are provided every luxury, your focus being only on relaxing and enjoying the ride. Our team completes extensive research and planning into each participant’s desires, passions, fantasies and pastimes, then focuses on making sure your experience is tailored to your personal taste, while also actively assisting you to meet the group and enjoy everyone’s company.

Meeting new people over a vacation has proven to be an intoxicating experience, and when our Indulgence team creates an event, party or vacation we provide a life changing thrill, joy and memory… an experience that will not be forgotten.  The adventures are co-produced between the parent company Authentic Matching and the licensed clubs giving it the best marketing reach and making sure great matches will occur.  Adventures are used for new membership recruitment and as an additional revenue stream for licensees.

Authentic Matching has all the data needed to invite, screen, prep and then introduce people who might not otherwise ever meet and put them in a perfect dating scenario for magic to happen.  This is where our matchmakers and dating coaches transform into pleasure planners and love magicians.  Their passion for creating these wonderful moments for you is apparent, and they see first hand what all of their hard work and interviewing will do for you.  When was the last time you had total indulgence in something you desired?

About Us

We match affluent executive gentleman with gorgeous women through various clubs, such as Caviar Dating Club, an elite and always discrete dining, dating and adventure club.
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