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A Luxury Adventure is an event filled with unpredictability and excitement.  Its is built upon meeting new people, and is unique – it is far from what you would do on a normal day or night!

XS-The-Nightclub-2-with-people-photo-by-Barbara-Kraft180746We have events and vacation clubs such as Sugar and Indulge Adventures ™.  These clubs exist to create exciting and unique parties and vacations where people can meet, match and connect. Members can go as couples with someone they have met through the club, or as a single. During the Luxury Adventure, men get an opportunity to interact with several women throughout the party or vacation.

The events generally draw more women than men, because women who are candidates for memberships are often invited and are not expected to pay for attendance. Coordinators work hard to set up interactions between all members at our Luxury Adventures that could be a potential match for an authentic relationship.

We have seen amazing friendships, exciting new romances and business partnerships all spawned from this unique concept to the matchmaking industry.

Authentic Matching ™ works in overdrive on an adventure making sure everyone invited and approved will enjoy meeting one another. Luxury Adventures provide a safe, comfortable way to meet new people, safe in the knowledge that all Luxury Adventures attendees have been vetted using Authentic Matching.

We produce custom adventures for four or more people, and host several events around the country throughout the year. Some of the most popular are in our “adult sexy events” series and take place during wild multi-day industry seminars in Tampa and Vegas. The biggest of the year takes place January 14th to the 18th in Las Vegas at iDate – the industry convention for internet dating and matchmaking. You can cheer for Authentic Matching which has been nominated for “Most Innovative Company”.

Please vote for us at www.idateawards.com. The iDate convention is adjacent to the adult entertainment’s largest convention AVN and awards show so the adventure is sexy & hot to say the least. Our Matchmaking and dating coaches enjoy the wild fun in Vegas all week long and many of our female members come to town to mix, match and mingle.

Our Brands

Authentic Matching identifies and takes advantage of growth areas within the lifestyle and dating sector. Here are some of our current brands.
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