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newlife-web-logoNew Life Matching – Start Love Fresh.

New Life Matching gives you the chance to put your past behind you and start a new life, free from the pressure and pain of past transgressions.

Many of us have made life altering mistakes that we have to hide from the world, and this has affected so many parts of our lives – including relationships. At NewLife Matching we match our clients with others looking to turn over a new leaf and make a fresh start – just like you. We know you just want that opportunity, the chance to be honest and up front about your past, safe in the knowledge that those days can be put behind you. We have found that other people who have made mistakes are much more understanding about your past transgressions then people who may not be able to understand both your past and how you have moved on from that.

New Life Matching provides an environment where you can be both honest about your past and excited about your future, with others looking to make a big step forward into a new life. Do it together, with the support and love of a person who understands just how amazing your efforts are.

  • Matching process is open about your past – no secrets
  • Potential matches understand the effort you have made
  • Our members know what it takes to rise above the past, and the challenges this also provides
  • Authentic Matching (TM) ensures a clear picture of members past history is available

Turn over a new leaf, make a fresh start and show us who you have become.

About Us

We match affluent executive gentlemen with gorgeous women through various clubs, such as Caviar Dating Club; an elite and always discrete dining, dating and adventure club.
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