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Authentic Matching is currently licensing our matchmaking system Authentic Matching ™  to entrepreneurs who want to enter the exciting and lucrative sector of matchmaking and events. The sector exceeded two billion dollars last year and had growth through the recession.

The dating segments with some of the most exciting growth and showing the most promise include mutually rewarding dating and Christian dating. Luxury Excursion’s Authentic Matching ™ can be applied to any market segment, and we have identified the clubs with quickest opportunity for growth below.  Please take a look at our investor relations documentation and a call us with questions.

Licenses are available in markets and right now come with a prepaid enrollment into seminars at iDate in Las Vegas next January.  This an amazing way to meet the industry and learn how to be successful as a matchmaker.  It’s fun, educational, and an up-close party with the best looking matchmaking team on the planet.  See how hard the ladies of our company work and play. You also get VIP access to all Authentic Matching events in Vegas plus some secrets to sshhh!


Click Here to see the full agenda for iDate. Space is limited so get your license and conference passes now by emailing us at katrina@luxury-excrsions.com or call 888 490 8742 ext 141


Christian Soulmate – This is a nation wide search for two people who were meant to be together because their souls match. It’s for people seeking love and commitment and utilizes Authentic Matching ™ with questions designed around the Christian faith. Clubs operate similar to our existing ones but with different messaging toward this special target group.

New Life Matching  – is targeted at people that have made mistakes that have dramatically impacted their lives and who have a strong desire for a new life.  It could be a bad marriage, living the wrong lifestyle, or problems with addiction.  The market research shows that people that are most likely to give someone another chance are those who have made mistakes themselves.  We are looking to sell regional licensees across several states who will then resell territories under them.  Our plan is to sell many licenses and support everyone with national marketing and full access to Authentic Matching ™.  Since many mistakes often cost people the opportunity to work in many fields we feel that the target members will be the owner/operators and matchmakers themselves.

Alternative Lifestyle Matchmaking Clubs – we have an incredible amount of research and are open to utilizing  Authentic Matching ™  for these niche markets and feel strongly we will be successful with these clubs due to many of our female members knowledge of current trends, connections with venues, resorts and parties all around the globe..