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Authentic Matching is proud to announce that it is now offering licenses for all clubs throughout United States an Canada, and providing a way for entrepreneurs to own a dating club. We are also opening up our system Authentic Matching Process ™ to be used for matchmaking clubs in any niche markets including alternative lifestyles. We seek master licensees for several club concepts that will be developed in conjunction with our management team. We have a national spoke model search, interest from TV producers for a reality show for two of our brands, and amazing momentum with our improved solution to connecting people – Authentic Matching ™ 

Club licenses are available for existing and new matchmaking clubs throughout the United States and Canada. This is an amazing opportunity to own a dating club drives a new licensee into a revenue-generating business very quickly. All licensees are connected to our main database which gives them the opportunity to realize revenue almost immediately by matching new members with preexisting members from another geographical area. We fully support all clubs with training for sales, marketing, event planning and operations. The initial licensee fee also covers major legal needs and sets up your online presence. Our Authentic Matching ™ process ensures your members will experience success which leads to referrals and increased profits from the start.

Club Ownership Benefits:

  • Training and license to use our proven process Authentic Matching ™
  • Connection of your local database to central database for making matches
  • Ability to sell national events and adventures and earn commissions
  • Finders fee paid on affiliate clubs around the country
  • Sales and Marketing support
  • National lead share program
  • Industry seminar and party at Internet Dating Conference in Miami, FL January 25th to 27th.

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For more information please download our investor package or call 888-490-8742 ext 141 to set a time to speak. You can also email us at [email protected]

Our Brands

Authentic Matching identifies and takes advantage of growth areas within the lifestyle and dating sector. Here are some of our current brands.
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