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Our current brands are focused in the casual dating and luxury travel markets.

We have already achieved success in terms of exciting matches, great events, exceeding revenue goals and making high power allies that support the vision. The clubs have been targeted by reality TV execs, screen writers, professional sports agents, high powered entertainment executives and of course gorgeous models and actresses. Databases are shared among our brands, as is the sales process and systems, interview format, and screening techniques which make up a significant portion of our Authentic Matching ™  process.


We utilize exceptional partners for providing peripheral services to our members in including image consulting, personal shopping, fitness coaching, relationship counseling, concierge services, date planning, luxury travel arrangements, creative venue and transportation coordination and of course dating coaching.  All our clubs are much more than just matchmaking. These ancillary services produce significant cash flow and help keep member satisfaction very high while producing high margin gross revenue for individual clubs. These important strategic partnerships leverage the best people for specific marketing, business development and customer satisfaction as well as other roles that are not a core instrument in our business. This methodology enables us to hyper-target various segments inside the affluent dating market and solely focus on customer acquisition and allow a professional team to super serve the member ensuring that they receive far more than what was expected.

Authentic Matching ™ also assists in matching the right coach, matchmaker, vendor, concierge, date planner, etc. with the member.  Anyone that interacts with the client has gone through the process and we know all we need to know to see if they will be the right person to interact with the member.  We monitor the interaction and survey to make sure the member is happy with each service they receive. Give them exactly what they want, but more importantly show them what they need and you will have a satisfied customer every time.

About Us

We match affluent executive gentleman with gorgeous women through various clubs, such as Caviar Dating Club, an elite and always discrete dining, dating and adventure club.
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